About us/Company Preview

Pigas Asian pioneers Co. located in Tehran(IRAN) has been established, and registered in 2008, aimed at supplying client’s requirements with specific & quality products in different industries and fields. More than 5 years experience has made us a leading distributor/company not just in Iran/Nationwide even in the Middle East.

PiGas Co. central office is located in Tehran along with a retailer store in the most industrial /commercial part of the city of Tehran in order to enhancing direct customer relationship.

Industrial Info

The latest western countries unfair sanctions and embargoes have made domestic & local industries disabled to provide necessary equipments, devices and related accessories required to conduct their routine work.
PiGas Co., with the help of its international associates, has tried to help various industries with providing intime, and quality products & services.


  1. We respect the satisfaction and the trust of the beneficiaries & we bound to the things we promise them to do (Customer Orientation).
  2. We offer an unmated range of products, and services delivered by experienced professionals dedicated to superior customer services. Our primary objective is to focus on total customer satisfaction by supplying of the highest quality services.
  3. We believe that rule obedience, and following all the standard regulation is an obligation in our profession (Professional behavior).